Find Your Job Joy: Case Studies: Men

"[Before Find Your Job Joy], I would describe myself as having been all over the place, going down several paths but not doing any of them very well. What I needed was clarity to understand what makes me tick and what I really wanted to do - and you helped me find that. Now, I have a better sense of who I am and what I want. Usually people don't find that in 10 weeks, but I did.

People are so willing to put money towards everyday items. It's time for people to start investing in themselves. Your course, your book, your insights are a great investment. It's well worth the money. be happier in life and in their jobs - it's priceless."

~Bruce, Marketing & Content Strategy

"[Before Find Your Job Joy], I had just lost my job... I realized that the job market had changed quite a bit, and certainly with the pandemic there was a lot of competition. I tried doing this on my own before - it's hard; it's lonely; it's frustrating.

Now I'm in a much better place in terms of my LinkedIn profile, my resume, my story, and most importantly - my confidence. My main advice for someone considering the program: Sign up! It's a really well-rounded, fulfilling program."

~Sam, Non-Profit Executive

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"[Before Find Your Job Joy], I was at a crossroads, trying to figure out what my next steps were. It had been quite a while - almost 20 years - since I had looked for a job. I didn't even know where to start.

Now, through working through the program, I've learned so much. It gave me the tools to figure out what was important to me, and my value system when it came to work. I got a lot of clarity... it opened me up to things I hadn't even considered.

Joining the program was absolutely the best move I could have made."

~ Wayne, Project Management

"I couldn't have taken the next step in my career without Kristen's coaching. In just a few sessions she helped me find my passion, visualize my path forward, and begin progressing on that path. She's truly a blessing to those looking to find joy in what they do. I've never been happier in my career!"

~ Jay, Addiction & Mental Health Advocate

"[Before Find Your Job Joy] I didn't have direction - what I should be doing, thinking about... the 10-week program goes by so quickly. I feel a lot more confident in structuring my job search."

~ Sebastian, Sales & Marketing Specialist

"Kristen is a true inspiration and an excellent career coach. I reached out to her after a few years of feeling stagnant at work. Kristen provided a much needed outsiders perspective and guided me through the process of identifying the deeper root cause. Her guidance was like an epiphany and sparked a strategy to find my new dream position.

Within weeks of working with Kristen, I had two dream companies bidding against each other for my talents. I'm so excited to start my new adventure and I have Kristen to thank for this newfound success!"

~Nick, Non-Profit Leader

"I was looking to improve my job search... this program felt catered towards me. Now I've landed the job! The program was really helpful. I learned how to fine tune my career story, effective ways to ask questions during the interview, and most importantly - how to network. In the past I would just apply to jobs and hope something would stick."

~ Jon, Client Relationship Manager

"[Before Find Your Job Joy] I was feeling lost and overwhelmed...If you're like me, you've been doing what you've been doing for a really long time. What made me want to work with you was your holistic approach. My advice: Be ready to do the work. Be open, and ready to wrestle with some of your long-held limiting beliefs."

~ Josh, Vice President of FP&A

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